Beginning Organization for Writing ‘Mavis’

I began to organize some thoughts and areas of a green sea turtle’s life to research. The areas I made notes on as they came to mind or as I researched were written in a notebook, via OneNote, on my computer and cell phone. If you did not know, the OneNote app syncs what you notate between your phone and your PC so that you have your notes at hand everywhere you go.

I began with one story thought regarding the gestation period of these turtles. I found some interesting information. Evidently, it is difficult to estimate the gestation of green sea turtles. One reason is that females can conserve sperm for up to four years! I suppose that this is good when the thought of species survival comes to mind, but it was not helpful in writing this book; however, the fact was interesting to learn.

I found that a good estimate of the gestation period was 7 to 10 weeks, so I used this in the story for Mavis. The next step(s) were to research the green sea turtle’s life in the ocean. Stay tuned!

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