Where to find food, especially with Global Warming?

Sea turtles are very timid creatures, and they don’t do well with stress. Not being able to find enough to eat will be stressful for them. The lack of food can be due to the climate change because of the rippling effect. For example as the waters get too warm many of the plants and animals that they consume for food won’t be as plentiful. Then they have to slow down their metabolism and not eat or they have to leave their natural habitat to find food.
Either way, these events are very stressful for sea turtles. It can prevent them from taking part in the mating process. If they do mate, it can reduce the number of eggs that they will lay in the nesting grounds. There is already a concern as only 10% of what is laid actually survive the first year of life.

Climate change brings more land animals that are looking for younglings on the land to consume as food because their other foods sources are scarce and you can see how it can put the future for turtles in grave danger.

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